Q. How quickly can I book my installation?

A. We usually need about 7/10 days to order the specific charger. Contact us to confirm, as we may well be able to reduce this if we have spare slots.

Q. How do I claim the £350 OLEV grant?

A. The simple answer is that you don’t, we do it all for you. Providing everything is in order we will claim the grant on your behalf. You simply pay us the balance minus any deposit paid.

Q. How do I know which charger is best for me?

A. Our team of experts will contact you at your chosen time to discuss with you exactly what you require. Ensuring you’re fully versed in the installation process and costs.

Q. What happens if there is a problem on the installation day?

A. As we carry out a pre-installation survey with you, the chances of there being a problem on the day of installation is thin. If there is a problem, we will provide a cost to rectify any issues. If the rectifications are agreed and can be completed on the day then we will endeavour to do so.

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